What Phase Am I In?

There are three development phases in Westminster Glen Estates, Phase I, II and III, and each has its own deed restrictions (CC&Rs). There are a few differences in the restrictions between the original Phase I and the two newer Phases, II and III.

The homeowners associations for Phases I, II and II were legally merged several years ago so that today there is only one Association.

Phase I is the area that was developed first and includes all of the lots with addresses on Westminster Glen Avenue from City Park Road to 9520 Westminster Glen Ave., and all of the lots on Prince William, House of Lancaster, and Mountbatten Circle.

Phase II is generally west of Phase I and was developed next. It includes all of the lots with addresses from 9526 and higher on Westminster Glen Ave., and all on Egerton Cove, High Gate Drive, Woody Ridge View, Elizabeth Jane Court, Court of St James, Noble Hill Court, Whitehall Cove and Narrow Ridge Drive.

Phase III was developed last and is generally south of Phases I and II. It includes all of the address on House of York, Prince Charles Drive, Prince Andrew Lane, and these addresses: 4412 City Park Road, 4312 and 4313 Turkey Creek Drive, and 4003, 4005, and 4007 Chamisa Drive.

To add to the confusion, phase information is presented on your property tax statement, and on the Travis County Central Appraisal District website. If the statement or map says:

Phase I, I-A or B: You are in Phase I
Phase I-C, D, or E: You are in Phase II
Phase III: You are in Phase III

All lots in Phases I and II are in the City of Austin’s LTD jurisdiction. All lots in Phase III are in Austin’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Refer to the City of Austin’s Jurisdiction Map for more information.

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