Westminster Glen 
Sidewalk Project

In November, 2017, the Travis County bond proposal that included money for a sidewalk along Westminster Glen Avenue was approved by the voters. The sidewalk will provide a major improvement in safety for the many residents, including schoolchildren, that walk along the street, and bring a great new amenity to our neighborhood.

This is a Travis County project, with the sidewalk being located within the county-owned right-of-way. The project was designed and is being managed by MWM Design Group of Austin where Tony Buonodono is the project manager. Residents can contact him at 512-992-2969.

Construction began in September, 2019, and the project is on its way to completion this spring. Many of us would like to obtain real-time information about the projec, and the Senior Project Manager at the MWM Design Group, the firm responsible for project management, and members of the HOA/ACC discussed the various issues we are facing along with the communication gaps. MWM agreed to provide us with a weekly status outlining the work completed the prior week, the work scheduled to take place the current week and the list of known issues they are working on along with target completion dates. We will post the plans and status updates below and will do that for each iteration. The first report should be published by March 1.

In addition, an email address has been set up to provide our residents with a single point of contact for any issues related to the sidewalk. If you have anything you wish to add to the punch list, please email your concerns to sidewalk@wmghoa.org  We will consolidate the list and provide it to the County and the project management team so they can address your concerns.

We hope that this new bi-directional communication will help keep everyone informed.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Westminster Glen HOA and ACC

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Banner photo by Rick Capozza