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Right-of-Way Maintenance

Almost all of us are responsible for the maintenance of a strip of property we do not own...the county right-of-way between our property and the street. We have this obligation from our CC&Rs. And it’s important for wildfire risk reduction.
The right-of-way (ROW) location is defined on your property survey. In most cases it is that strip of land about 15 feet wide between the pavement and your property line. Corner lots have long ROWs, and some lots have ROW behind there homes.

Some have planted grass and shrubs in this space, some have established parking areas, and others have left it natural. Regardless of the landscaping, or lack thereof, the ROW must be maintained. Mowing the grass/weeds and trimming (or removing) bushes, and picking up trash must be done. 

Travis County does not maintain the ROWs but they will fix drainage problems. If you have water standing in the ROW or a plugged culvert under your driveway, contact the Travis County T&NR department at (512) 854-9383, or you can send an email to TNR.Roads@traviscountytx.gov.

The ROW should not be confused with the utility easement, which is a strip of land 10 feet wide just on the inside of your property.

Well-maintained natural ROW
Natural ROW in need of maintenance

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