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Social Events

One of our fun, adult social activities is the Neighborhood Happy Hour, usually held on the last Thursday each month. Watch NextDoor for announcements for the time and place.

Each year we have a Halloween Party on October 31 and in December our Holiday Party. This year it will be December 10 at River Place Country Club.  

Sidewalk Project

In November, 2017, the Travis County bond proposal that included money for a sidewalk along Westminster Glen Avenue was approved by the voters. The sidewalk will provide a major improvement in safety for the many residents, including schoolchildren, that walk along the street, and bring a great new amenity to our neighborhood.

This is a Travis County project, with the sidewalk being located within the county-owned right-of-way. The project was designed and is being managed by MWM Design Group and Tony Buonodono is the project manager. Residents can contact him at 512-992-2969. 

Construction began in September, 2019, and the project is about half completed. We can already see the benefits of the having a sidewalk along such a busy street.

For more information about the project click here. You can view the County's bid documents by clicking here.

West Entrance

Our new West Entrance sign has been installed. The HOA Board of Directors approved the construction of the monument-style sign at the west entrance to the subdivision along Narrow Ridge. The sign is similar to the one at the City Park entrance, but smaller.

We had these objectives for the project:

  • To improve the awareness of Westminster Glen Estates as a distinct subdivision (separate from River Place),

  • To enhance the value of the neighborhood “brand” for the benefit of homeowners’ properties, and

  • To help reduce speeding (hopefully).

The sign is located on Travis County right-of-way; therefore, a license and permit from the county were required. 

There is no electrical or water service at the site so we've installed an off-grid solar lighting system and will be installing minimal, xeric landscaping soon.

Click here to see details about the solar system.

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