Landscaping Guidelines

Initial landscaping plans, after a construction project (home construction, addition, pool, etc.) is completed, require ACC approval. In addition, major landscaping changes, including the addition of fill or modifications to hardscape, also require approval. Replacing plants does not require approval as long as there are no major changes in the variety, size, etc.

For plant choices, native or well-adapted species are always preferred. They typically require less water, they winter well, and fit our Hill Country environment. While a lot of people plant different palm species, they do not winter well, nor do other tropicals. We discourage the planting of cedar trees (Ashe juniper).

The City of Austin has an excellent guide for plant choices.

No invasive species should be included in your plans, such as the normal bamboo and nandina. Other plants to avoid are listed at

Irrigation will be needed, and for beds, drip irrigation is the best in terms of water usage and effectiveness.

It is a good idea be cautious with the number of plants. They will grow and fill in. Landscapers and nurseries make their money on the number of plants they sell and install, and many residents have to remove plants as they mature. 

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