Main Entrance

The main entrance to Westminster Glen on City Park Road was built in the 1980s. It comprises the lot on the north side of the street (8800 Westminster Glen Ave.) and an easement from 8800 Mountbatten Circle on the south side of the street. It also includes the center median on the street, for which the Association has a license from Travis County.

The HOA maintains all of the landscaping at this entrance and the West entrance (see below), and this is delegated to the HOA Entrance Committee. The landscaping changes from time to time, depending on conditions and the appearance. Our objective is to maintain a look compatible with and reflective of the high quality of the homes in the subdivision. 

West Entrance

Our new West Entrance sign was installed in 2018. The HOA Board of Directors approved the construction of the monument-style sign at the west entrance to the subdivision along Narrow Ridge. The sign is a similar design as the one at the City Park entrance, but smaller.

We had these objectives for the project:

  • To improve the awareness of Westminster Glen Estates as a distinct subdivision (separate from River Place) and

  • To enhance the value of the neighborhood “brand” for the benefit of homeowners’ properties.

The sign is located on Travis County right-of-way; therefore a license and permit from the County were required.
There is no electrical or water service so we installed an off-grid solar system and xeric landscaping.
Click here to see details about the solar system.

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