Association Documents

CC&Rs and By-laws

Summary of Our Restrictions
CC&Rs Phase I Amended (1995)
CC&Rs Phase I First Amendment (1996)
CC&Rs Phase I Second Amendment (1996)
CC&Rs Phase I Supplemental (1998)
CC&Rs Phase II
CC&Rs Phase III
Association Bylaws
Motorized Vehicle Policy

Phase I CC&Rs evolved over several years and the four documents above build on one another. The original 1985 CC&Rs only apply to Lot 121 (9309 Prince William).

Texas Property Code Policies

These policies were developed by the HOA to meet the requirements of the Texas Property Code, particularly Chapters 202, 207 and 209, and take precedence over CC&Rs for the subjects of the policies.

Policies Governing Certain Installations
Enforcement Policy
CC&R Enforcement Procedures
Collections Policy
Payment Plan Guidelines
Records Retention Policy
Records Production Policy
Resale Certificate Policy

Licenses, etc.

Westminster Glen has licenses from Travis County for the installation and maintenance of landscaping and signage at the entrances to the subdivision at City Park Road and Narrow Ridge Drive. 

License-City Park Road Entrance
License-Narrow Ridge Entrance
Lot 21 Restrictive Covenant
To learn more about our Lot 21 click here.

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