The ACC Approval Process

There are many types of common improvements, such as adding a fence, a pool, playscape, landscaping, etc., that residents like to make to their homes. To protect our property values and to minimize the impact of changes to your property on your neighbors, all projects like these and others that change the exterior of the home or lot require approval in advance from the Westminster Glen Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Approval is not required, however, for projects that are considered maintenance. Examples include repainting trim in the same color or replacing a roof with the same color and material. Similarly, replacing diseased or dying plants with the same types does not require approval. But just about every other exterior change does. If in doubt, just ask the ACC.

For more information about landscaping approvals, please click here.

Obtaining ACC approval for your project is generally very easy. Your project’s description should be submitted using the ACC Modification Request Form. All the necessary drawings and specifications to completely describe the plans should be included. If you are using a contractor, they normally supply this information. Once complete, everything should be emailed to the ACC at You will receive an email from the ACC acknowledging receipt of your request.

In some cases a fee is required for approval. This fee is used to compensate the consulting architect that the ACC uses on larger or more complex projects where specialized expertise is needed. The fee should be mailed to the management company.

For most projects, the committee will rely entirely on the documentation you provide for their approval decision. But, for some projects, especially larger ones and those that may have an impact on your neighbors, the committee will contact you to schedule a site visit to review the plans with you. These are normally short visits, about 30 minutes, and are very useful in speeding the approval process along. Often, homeowners find benefit from these visits from useful suggestions by the committee members or architect.

According to the CC&Rs the ACC must approve or deny a project within 30 days. In practice, the time is much shorter, a week or less, once all of the necessary documentation is available to the committee. You will receive an email from the ACC with the approval letter, and the approval is good for one year.

Click here for the current ACC Rules and Regulations that describes the rules by which projects are evaluated for approval.

If you are interested in serving on the ACC, we sometimes need new, willing volunteers. The work is not difficult but does require a modest time commitment. Bringing your expertise and insights into the decision process is a valuable contribution to our neighborhood. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

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